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The web site Influence at Work highlights the efforts of social psychologist Robert Cialdini, whose book Influence, Science and Practice, is a must read for those who want to improve their skills of persuasion.

Intelligent Courage - A great book by Michael Fraidenburg that describes the careers of successful natural resources professionals, and how they accomplished what they did.

Communication Skills for Conservation Professionals - Susan Jacobson provides in-depth guidance on achieving conservation goals through better communications. Her book, now in its second edition, introduces communication approaches — marketing and mass media, citizen participation, public information, environmental interpretation, and conservation education activities — offers scores of real-world examples and straightforward advice that will help conservationists develop the skills they need to communicate effectively.

Getting to Yes - The classic book on interest-based negotiation by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Negotiating Environmental Agreements How To Avoid Escalating Confrontation, Needless Costs, and Unnecessary Litigation by Lawrence Susskind, Paul Levy, and Jennifer Thomas-Larmer takes the principles of interest-based negotiation and relates them to environmental problems.

Feeling Good - David Burns wrote not only a wonderful book about how to fight depression and stress - also an outstanding guide to communication, especially verbal judo.

Verbal Judo - Former English professor and police officer George J. Thompson used skills from both jobs to design a program where words can be used to de-escalate conflict. Originally developed for law enforcement, Verbal Judo uses some of the key principles of Asian martial arts to help defuse potential confrontations.

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